1. Songwriting exercise #1: Object writing.

    According to Pattison in his book Writing Better Lyrics (2nd Ed.), I have to pick a random object and write about it using all 5 senses plus 2 (organic and kinesthetic). This method is supposed to help make my writing more relatable to you. Even if you haven’t had my same experience, you can still feel you were going through it too. Here I go……..

    - A few months ago, I received one of 3 presents from my Secret Buddy in choir. When I saw this fuzzy blanket sitting on my seat, I gasped in surprise and cheered with glee! I instantly loved that it was green, my favorite color. It still had that “new” smell and looked about twice my size. This blanket looked so comfortable and felt so soft that one of my choir friends kept threatening to steal it from me. Naturally, I guarded that green blanket the entire choir rehearsal. I could feel her jealousy eyeing it from time to time. Otherwise, the air was filled with the familiar taste of lemon drops, the usual choir treat in a bowl atop the piano.

    P.S. Who knew I could write so much about a blanket? lol. I also felt like I was writing a book because it’s very storyteller-like. I could see how this method could be useful… Sweet! =)